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Software Engineer turned DevOps.

Coming from a software engineering background focused in web development, I have always been interested in the supporting infrastructure. With the emergence of DevOps, I have truly found my passion. This newfound enthusiasm has led me to pursue DevOps professionally.

I am a problem solver. I love to learn new things, and find elegant solutions to complex problems. As an enthusiastic collaborator and mentor, I thrive in a team environment that fosters open communication. With extensive experience in many languages and technologies, I am a passionate polyglot programmer.

I am currently living in colorful Colorado in the Boulder area. Colorado is an amazing place to be. The weather, the mountains, and the people here make it one of the greatest places to work and live.

I graduated from CU Boulder in 2012 with a BS in Computer Science and I have been working in Boulder ever since. I really enjoyed studying Computer Science in college and hope to one day go to grad school.

I am a generally easy going guy who enjoys spending time with my friends and family. I'm a computer nerd through and through, so I spend a hefty amount of time programming and playing on the computer.


Experienced with many technologies














Familiar and active with many languages


Actively learning to further my knowledge and experience


University of Colorado at Boulder

Computer Science BS - Graduated: 2012

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I was admitted to CU Boulder in 2008 into the Aerospace Engineering program. After spending the majority of my first semester programming a text based adventure on my TI-83 calculator, I realized my interest in Aerospace was lacking and I was obsessed with programming. I changed my major to Computer Science, and enjoyed the next four years falling in love with nearly every aspect of programming. I hope to return to school and enhance my nerd-knowlege as a graduate student in the not so distant future.


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Denver, CO
August 2017 - Present

Managing the development team.
Focusing on improving agile processes and DevOps practices.
Hands on with AWS infrastructure, and most client projects.
Developed standardized Docker development environment and custom CI/CD pipeline using serverless webhooks + AWS CodeBuild + AWS CloudFormation to deploy services to AWS ECS Cluster(s).


Software Engineer (Employee)
Boulder, CO
June 2016 - August 2017

Hired on as a full time software engineer after the contract. Continuing to work in NodeJS, on an enterprise level web platform.
Inherited majority of DevOps responsibilities in the Boulder office. "Dockerized" all existing services and improved stability, availability and the deployment processes.
Coordinated with teams across the world to further improve DevOps efforts across the company. Using Jenkins, Kubernetes, and homegrown tools/services.

Seed Worthy, Makers of

DevOps Engineer
Denver, CO
May 2016 - August 2017

Side contract job with local startup for on-call system support. Available 24/7 to handle emergency system outages. Leading architecture/infrastructure rebuild for supporting new platform release:
Redesigned & rebuilt components/services to be encapsulated, simpler, easier to understand & maintain, and easier to coordinate deployments with more granular CI/CD for each service. Utilizing many new and exciting DevOps & AWS technologies, specifically Docker in ECS and Lambda to achieve this new architecture


Web Developer (Contract)
Boulder, CO
March 2016 - June 2016

Contract position to rebuild the website for the FormIt product team in Boulder. Researched, devised, and implemented a new website (including infrastructure) in less than 3 months. Built minimal custom CMS site using KeystoneJS (on NodeJS). Also created provisioning playbooks (using Ansible) to create local dev machine(s) with vagrant, and also deploy to AWS EC2 instance(s)


Software Engineer / DevOps Engineer
Boulder, CO
December 2015 - March 2016

Development for a Ruby on Rails project to process auto repair loans. Worked extensively with backend integrations with vendors (CRM/DMS/etc). Coordinated server deployment and provisioning of several different instances with specific roles/tasks. Gained significant amount of experience with AWS, Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, and other devops related technologies.

Front Range Community College

Online Instructor - Web Development
Boulder, CO
Spring 2015

Used an existing curriculum to teach the basics of web development (HTML, CSS, JS, + PHP & MySQL). Had to update specific assignments and assessments that were out of date. Spent most time grading homework assignments and projects. Enjoyed mentoring a group of people through their early interests in web development


Software Engineer
Boulder, CO
April 2013 - December 2015

Working mainly on PHP applications. Many small client-facing sites with quick turnaround. Also significant work on internal tools and applications to increase efficiency and productivity. Experience building and utilizing a wide range of API's and services. Using different frameworks, such as: CodeIgniter, jQuery, Bootstrap, and others.

Boolal Software

System Administrator, Web & Mobile Developer
Boulder, CO
2011 - 2013

Spent time working on iOS apps and native Mac apps, helping to become more familiar with Objective C. Built and customized many websites and web-based applications. Managed remote VPS system using Linode with Ubuntu to run several web apps and services.

University of Colorado

System Administrator
Boulder, CO
2009 - 2012

Maintained several Windows and Linux servers for the University. Learned about Active Directory and complex server configurations and relationships. Helped build and maintain several internal/external web applications, as well as desktop applications tool using C# & Objective C.


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